Bubcon Messenger - The Secure Flash Messenger

BubCon messenger is still a brand new android program with innovative messanging experience for the android phone, in which communication is simpler and well maintained. You may use bubbles to create sub group from the primary group, which is crystal clear and different . Special about bubcon messenger , maintain is maximum-security by using end-to-end encryption. It's like other messenger whats app, hike among others, in which you can conversation between group or just two people. You can sending/receiving message like text message, voice message, picture, videos, documents in which you can eight sub group from the main group, you can also subgroup. Also you can choose bubble --design and the traditional alternative layout. It is available on ios market and also for windows phones. It's demonstration in a new dimension. Is, you can create sub group from chief group.


* With a fresh new designed interface you can see everything that is happening in your network at a glance. People, groups chats, and topics. Via the mute-function you know what is important to you.

* It provide greater clarity in chat history -- By A DD subgroups to some chats/group chats. You Design chats and sub-groups with different colours and require communication to a new point.

* Free video and voice telephone - You are able to video telephone and voice telephone by using bubcon messenger in class or in only chat. Everything with one click via BubCon messenger.

* Teams as well as Sub-groups - Easy to handle and also clearly arranged.The Messenger adapts for your needs and helps to organize your messages that it is easy to find them again.


* Newest generation message - You can integrate a whole lot of files like music, photos, files, video and many more and the finest think consists of different sub-group. By making different sub-group you can the chat clear and simple without leaving the group.

* Voting produces easy - Now it's possible to get decision by votes from friends. In the event you confused by what direction to go in next weekend, what could be the colour for product and many confusing thing will get solve by utilizing this vote. You get your own result through voting process and also will get advice.

* Design for unique occasion - If you don't like your Interface, do not stress you are able to picked other layout and still enjoy the conveniences of bubcon. It offer alternative displays for the screen and every occasion will accompany on an everyday basis.

* Advanced mute function - You can mute any one by using advance mute feature like you'll maybe not disturbed you also can mute the sub groups that are made from parent band. Also the date period period that you don't desire to disturb by ringtone will be decided by you.

* Improved audio recorder - You could capture your voice and tune in until it's possible to send them. You can also use this machine. Dictate a message, then hold, carry on ordering and then listen to your message save it and send.

* Data security - BubCon messenger application uses end to finish subscription in which communicating is safe, as ultimately --end subscription only sender and receiver can only read the message.